De l’utilité des conflits


Un article intéressant en ces temps de grèves et de manifestations face à la réforme des retraites. Extrait :

« Can conflict be “good”? The answer is “It may”. When there exists imperfect information about key elements of the negotiation environment – such as the amount of arms, evidence on a legal case, or the actual profitability of a firm – and parties are sufficiently optimistic about their prospects in case of conflict – an all-out war, a trial, a strike – a peaceful agreement becomes impossible. Optimism makes their demands incompatible. In those circumstances, the existence of limited confrontations – military skirmishes, discovery procedures, holdouts – can help parties to avoid a more costly confrontation. The outcome of such limited conflicts can help them to better assess their strengths, reduce optimism, and be conducive to an agreement. As a matter of fact, around two thirds of interstate wars end up in a negotiated settlement rather than in the collapse of one of the sides. In that sense, conflict and peace are not opposites. They are rather inextricably linked ».


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